PikAVenture brings Crowd-funding to India

India has a crowd funding history for long. The movie Manthan was funded in 1975 with 2 Rupees from 5 lakh farmers! The concept of crowd funding, with the help of PikAVenture has picked up by most of the Indians that want to make better and different movies that can allow them to establish their identity in the Indian cinema, eg Onir making a National Award winning movie “I AM” To bring this crowd funding phenomenon at a larger scale to the common man of India, PikAVenture.com is committed to raise funds to the people by the people. In particular, to Indian filmmakers it offers lot of options that would allow them to bring out different themes and topics that have never been explored before or have never been highlighted the way they want.

Pik A Venture supports projects from all over india . PIKAVENTURE is bringing crowdfunding in India , Crowdfunding in Delhi , Crowdfunding in Mumbai , Crowdfunding in bangalore , crowdfunding in pune and in other cities and states. Pik A Venture is crowdfunding platform in India. Independent movie makers , documentaries , artists , event organizers , rock concerts can raise money for completing their projects . Pik A Venture raises funds online through crowd-funding for projects and events.
We request all struggling movies, projects , event organizers to contact us at info@pikaventure.com


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